If I Do Not Possess Integrity, I Am No One Essays

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Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. I have taken in stride these qualities throughout the years of my life. I have been taught integrity by my parents and by many teachers in my educational and personal life. Without integrity there is no trust or respect for people in the world. Amy Rees Anderson as an entrepreneur turned into a counselor and angel investor, shares her opinions on integrity in business and life experiences. Also Brett and Kate McKay take a look at the things that challenge your integrity and the consequence of your choices. In the article “Success Will Come and Go, But Integrity is Forever” by Amy Rees Anderson, Amy gives her definition of integrity and includes experiences she…show more content…
The same concerns are encountered in the business world. Also in the article, Amy discusses her experience with integrity in business; she states that “CEOs overstate their projected earnings because they don’t want the board of directors to replace them. Entrepreneurs overstate their pro formas because they want the highest valuation possible from an investor.” In these instances you have people in high places compromising their integrity to get further or higher in their careers. She states that even employees would call in sick, when really they would take off to do Christmas shopping. There is a breach of integrity in every aspect of life but it’s up to the person to make the decision to do what is right. The question is how do people improve on their integrity? What is the thought process of people who cheat? According to Brett and Kate McKay there are things that can strengthen and weaken your integrity. They research the mind of a cheater and also the mind of those who do not cheat. Brett and Kate McKay explore why people compromise their integrity and what elements strengthen and weaken a person’s integrity. The authors reference Dr. Ariely stating that “experiments by Dr. Ariely and others have shown that far from being a deliberate, rational choice, dishonesty often results from psychological and environmental factors that people typically aren’t even aware of.” In this experiment Dr. Ariely experimented on 2 different
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