If I Had Much Of A Choice

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It wasn’t as if I had much of a choice. Actually there was. However, this would settle things once and for all. Although, there were assurances from the legal team (of the best criminal attorney’s in the country) that there was nothing to worry about, but a small chance is still a chance. I did discharge a firearm and my father did thrashed Gilbert something awful in front of a room filled of witnesses (most of which just happen to be close personal friends of the Tilley family). If you also add my father’s takeover of Tilley pharmaceutical in a wonderfully barbaric corporate takeover, there was little doubt he wasn’t satisfied with bounding Gilbert Tilley off tables and the floor. With my mother’s content and open support for…show more content…
Hearing the words and violent anger from the judge for each instant my mother had blatantly overlooked my mental wellbeing and physical protection, he was clearly on the verge of naming her and accomplish to assault and send her to jail. When it came for the Tilley’s to testify at the primary divorce proceedings, their lawyers quickly sighted that with pending actions with another case they had no comment. The lawyers for the Tilley Family wisely removed all thoughts to call for my mother as a witness in their behalf that same day. By the way things were shaping up, there was still a small possibility things wouldn’t turn out in her father’s favor and I just couldn’t take when I could do something about it. What did work in our favor was my constantly speaking out at every opportunity the reason for my anger, my words appearing in print, and the Tilley Family never disputing my words in fear I would use their actions to finally end any hope of a (although nonexistent) reconciliation between Gilbert and myself. My constant calling for the police claiming I had a court order of restraint against Gilbert Tilley and the statements from my security seeing Gilbert causes me harm when he grabbed my arm harshly would also show to any judge the reason why I had to defend myself. With each of my security teams giving depositions of being commanded by my own mother to allow Gilbert access to me at every event I was scheduled to represent my family and to physically
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