If I Live My Life Over

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If I can live my life over and over I would not be mad because you have to make mistakes because you are a human being that makes mistakes even though you never think that you would be in certain situations. But now I know that I will become a better person in life because no one ever told me that making mistakes and falling over will be this hard or how to get back up they just said to keep going and never give up. I only wanted to be as good as people were making me out to be but now I know now I have to strive for greatness for myself enough of what everybody else wants my parents believed in me when no one else would even when I thought I can do it everything will be over at one point but now I'm finally . It took a while but I'm finally here and it made me happy to see…show more content…
When you putting so much work to be where he should make food really feel proud of what you have none and what you are doing it what you will become of yourself leave the high school so that you don't want to have a toll on you you want to be really say you did the best you could which was something everyone wants to say at one point in our life soon. I didn't know I work so hard this year that I could not come to school for the rest the school year and still graduate and makes me feel like I put in the work to actually be here and say that I'm going to graduate and go somewhere further my life and make a career have a family I want to be so successful in my life where I don't have to ask for anything. My parents taught me that being ownand learning how to work with with others. I have no problem being around other people but if you're not about business I don't want to be around you and that's why I'm happy to say I'm not to step into the real world so I can get a few how it will be to be under pressure and be stressed and have people always asking you for things just just to get you
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