If I Stay Author : Gayle Forman

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Title: If I Stay Author: Gayle Forman
Genre: Tragedy, Romantic Love Story
Part A:
Setting: Mia Hall, the protagonist, live with her parents and her little brother, Teddy, in a small town near Portland, Oregon. On a snowy day, the family decide to go on a trip, but unfortunately they get in a car accident around 9:23 in the morning on the road outside the town. After the ambulance arrives around 10:12 am, Mia and Teddy are rushed to the nearest hospital that looks like an old-age home. The events in the story basically take place in the hospital where Mia is staying, but eventually the time
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Mia has "an out-of-body experience" which enables her to observe herself and everyone around her without feeling pain. Mia believes she is dead as she realizes that no one can see, feel or hear her. After Mia 's body and Teddy are rushed to a hospital for immediate treatment. Her relatives start arriving, as well as her best friend, Kim, and her boyfriend, Adam. Mia finds out after listening to her grandmother and grandfather 's conversation with a beautiful and nice nurse that it 's her choice to live or die! No longer then Mia hears about her brother 's death which makes her decision extremely difficult.
Flashback: Mia looks back in her memory while she is staying at the hospital waiting for Adam, so he can help to get Mia out of this critical situation. Mia 's memories include her brother birth, her parents transformation from rocker musicians to ordinary parents, her passion for classical music, her ambitions to be a great cellist, her friendship with Kim, her relationship with her grandparents and her love for Adam. As she goes through those memories, she has to decide whether she will die or live.
Climax: After Adam arrives to the hospital, he does not get the permission to go into Mia 's room because Mia 's body undergoes dangerous situation. Adam and Kim come up with a plan to get into Mia 's room, but unfortunately they get caught at the room 's door by the bodyguards where Willow, a
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