If I Was Adeline

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If I was Adeline, I could be so sad angry. I think like this because when she go to a party( of course there is Adeline's fault) Niang didn't give food and made her not to go her party again. And also in her bigg sister's wedding Niand said about her father. She hear Niang and her friend talking bad thing of father. Maybe she has a lot of stress. I think of corse has a lot of stress because people who see the book will know Niang is a bad mother. If my mother was Niang maybe I was run away from home. Adeline is a patient girl. Even her favorite, a person who only like Adeline in her family Aunt Baba has gone she was still home. Her father don't like Adeline either. I probably I would be so sad. This essay is about 'What do I feel if I'm
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