If I Were Asked What Medicine Was Only A Year Ago, My Answer

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If I were asked what medicine was only a year ago, my answer would have been drastically different than it is today. I am surely not alone in the pool of applicants who see medicine as a combination of abundant scientific knowledge, compassion for people, and an aptitude for learning. While these aspects of medicine still stand prominent in my definition, there is so much more to medicine than meets the eye. From a mystery illness that has affected every aspect of my life, to seeing several lives taken in front of me, I have experienced first hand the most tragic and uplifting moments one can experience in medicine. From an early age, I knew medicine was what I wanted to pursue. Like most medical school applicants, being around incredible…show more content…
That afternoon as I walked into the ER, I had no inclination as to how the upcoming events would change my perspective on medicine forever. It was busy and as usual the nurses and doctors were scrambling to attend to the dozens of patients in the department. As I passed the bright red crash carts lined up along the wall, I saw the smaller crash cart with the rainbow drawers. The pediatric crash cart. As Anderson is not a pediatric hospital, I thought to myself, “I am so fortunate to have never used the pediatric crash cart while working.” Several hours later, the charge nurse asked me to move the pediatric crash cart into room one because we had an ambulance on the way with a little girl. My gut wrenched as I wheeled the cart with the rainbow colored drawers and a giant AED on top into the room and awaited the ambulance’s arrival. When the girl came into the room, she was somewhat alert and responded to me when I asked her questions. She said she felt funny and I assured her we would take good care of her. After extensive testing, a catheter insertion, and blood draws, she was distressed and said she was cold. Elated at being able to make her comfortable in any way, I immediately went to get her a warm blanket. As I was spreading the blanket over her, she looked at me in desperation. Her body trembled as her eyes slowly rolled back into her head; and just like that, her breathing ceased. I felt as though I were in a tunnel, my hearing seemingly absent. Time stood
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