If I Were To Find The Famous “Aladdin’S Lamp” Three Things

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If I were to find the famous “Aladdin’s Lamp” three things I would wish for would be; my own private island, good health for myself, and good health for my family. My wishes portray the importance good health has to me, not only within myself but my loved ones as well. As for my private island wish, I have always wanted to have a place I can resort to that is warm, quaint, private, and could be my escape. As a whole, my answers tell me that my perception of the good life is not necessarily material items. The good life portrayed from my wishes that I have simplistic values in order to maintain my happiness. I seek importance in health and peace not only in myself, my family as well. I would say my answers are partially assumption based.…show more content…
It was emotional because I loved this sport, but I knew it was time to put it aside when it began to bring me stress rather than joy. I have been watching college basketball, and it gets my adrenaline running just sitting and watching. Additionally, this past weekend I decided to enjoy the nice weather and play some basketball outdoors. After not picking up a ball for a couple of years I had to really warm myself up, but I was able to forget my worries for a little and just lose myself in the game. There were a bunch of people playing so we rotated teams, in order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to play. Even while I was sitting out and watching others play it was enjoyable and rekindled my love for the game. After reconnecting with basketball, by watching it and playing I realized this is a sport that I will always have love for. Although I do not play on a team I would really enjoy playing the sport more often as something to do in my free time for fun.
Chapter 5 Question 2 My parents have been married for over 20 years, so I felt it would be appropriate to interview my mother on success in a long-term relationship. In order to have success in a long-term relationship my mother believes that patience, acceptance, and friendship are very important components. In order to handle conflict that arises conversations need to be had or else these negative feelings build up

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