If Jesus Christ Is Not God, And The Resurrection Never

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If Jesus Christ is not God, and the resurrection never happened, then the Christian Faith being lived out by billions of Christians scattered throughout the entire world, is complete vanity. Thus, one of the most popular arguments against the Deity of Christ stems from the idea that most of the biblical writers often referenced Jesus as both speaking to, and being sent (John 17:3) by the Father; furthermore, Jesus, while interacting with the apostles, often used language that expressed the idea that His God, was also their God (John 20:17). However, the real problem with Jesus’ identity emanates from data contained in the four gospels in which Jesus and His followers make strong assertions about His divinity and pre-existence (Kreeft &…show more content…
Jesus Christ, during His earthly ministry, healed the sick (Matthew 8:5), cast out demons (Luke 4:33), raised the dead (Luke 8:41), fed the five thousand (Mark 6:30), walked on water (Matthew 14:26), and calmed a storm (Mark 4:37). Thus, Jesus performed miracles in order to establish that He was indeed incarnate of God, and in doing so, Jesus demonstrated power over the elements of nature, demons, sickness, and even death. However, many in Jesus’ time, were still not convinced of His deity. Therefore, Jesus instructed the apostles in John 10:38, to believe in the miracles as proof that the Father and Jesus were one (Yancey, 1997). Perhaps the best evidence concerning Jesus deity and the miracles today rests on the fact that neither Buddha, Confucius, Muhammed or other religious founders orchestrated miracles nor rose from the dead, only Christianity and Christianity’s founder, Jesus Christ can stake those claims (Yancey, 1997). Further proof of Jesus’ deity centers directly on Jesus’ attributes. Hence, John 1:1 affirms the eternality of Christ with the verb “was” suggesting Jesus’ continuous existence in time past (Enns, 2014, p. 239). In Matthew 28:20, Jesus demonstrated omnipresence by promising the disciples that He would be always with them, and in John 4:18, Jesus demonstrated omniscience by exposing a Samaritan Woman’s troubled history even though Christ had not met the woman previously (Enns, 20.14). Furthermore, Jesus validated His
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