If Jesus Comes Here Right Now Through The Door

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If Jesus comes here right now through the door that we have walked in, and heal every single sick people in our town and preach to us, how will we react on Christ’s action? Do we have anyone who will stand up and say, “You are crazy!” or “You are demon possessed!” or “You could cast out demons because you are king of them!” Well, hope we do not have anyone like that. But if you read today’s scripture, we could see that Christ’s own family called him crazy. Please do not criticize Christ’s family, because we will not call our Christ like that because now we know who Christ is. But think about it, if your thirthy-eth year old cousin, who you had seen all the small things in his life, all of a sudden starts to travel around the country and proclaims word of the Lord with miracles? You may say you are crazy, or will say something more worse thing. The reason is here, God’s work is bigger than we can ever imagine. Or more than we can imagine. Because Israel people could not understand the works of Christ, he explains as easy as he could, to help families and friends to understand what is going on. At the time when Jesus was walked on earth, the illness and diseases were understood as a works of demon, or it happened because he/she is possessed demon. So Christ’s works of healing were understood as an act against of demon. But not everyone understood that Jesus was doing God’s work against demon, someone said, Jesus is the king of demons. For you, who is Jesus? And how will

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