If Rape Were Legal

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In the short story If Rape Were Legal, it seems as if the main character, Carlos, is struggling with many other things in his life besides the fact that he has cancer. It appears that Carlos is a little afraid of his own morality and does not want to think about the effect that his death will have on the people he loves. He seems to be dealing with this by isolating himself, along with hoping, perhaps, that less people will be affected when he dies. He also has a strange attitude toward women. He said his aim in life was to “screw as many different women as he could” (Yalom, 2012, p.62). He regarded women completely as sexual objects, but he also had an obsession with trying to find a wife. It is stated in the story that he “obsessed about what he might have done in each instance to have consummated a relationship” (Yalom, 2012, p.65). This would make sense if he was worried about being alone when he dies, but Yalom identified that this obsession started even before the cancer. We know that Carlos was married before and had two children with her, but we don’t really know what ended that relationship. We do know, however, that he is concerned about his ex-wife starting terrible rumors about him and turning his children against him. We also never really find out what was causing Carlos to act in this highly sexualized and inappropriate manner. It could just be the fact that he was lonely and longing for a relationship and a feeling of closeness with others. With
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