If Someone Had Told Me In High School That I Would Be Applying

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If someone had told me in high school that I would be applying to a college in South Carolina for my Master’s degree I would have laughed. Not because I’m not a fan of the state, I love the Carolinas, but because my only goal in high school was to get as far away from the south as possible. I knew that I wanted to help people in some way or another, but there was no clear path for me, and no way to pay for it. My family consisted of generations of farmers who lived off watermelon, beef cattle, and the money they brought in. My mom became pregnant with my sister in her high school and she and my father lived with my grandparents until they were able to live on their own. Next came my brother, and soon after, myself. My grandfather was…show more content…
Throughout the years, he was in and out of mental facilities, with many of his entrances directly related to the fact that he wanted me gone. From elementary school until high school (when he moved away) I was emotionally, sexually and physically abused by him on a regular basis. As a result, I spent years being angry at my parents for “letting” these things happen to me, but now as I look back, I think they were so consumed with their own problems (dad was an alcoholic, and they were still struggling financially) that they didn’t notice mine. I also started to hate everything around me. I even began to associate southern accents with white trash and ignorance, and I swore that I would do better for myself and leave for good. I was so broken that I just wanted to be the opposite of what I was. Coincidentally now, years later, I want to go back and support families like mine and children who may be going through the same kind of trauma that I went through. This experience made me realize that running from a problem is never the solution. As a public administrator, I want to be able to face the issues head on and ensure it doesn’t become common place to others. If people leave every time there is a problem, who will be there to solve it? After high school, I went to a Gateway College in Lake City, Florida for a few years, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. My

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