“If The Bible Can Be Described As Authoritative,. Where

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“If the Bible can be described as authoritative, Where does that authority originate?” The authority of the Bible originates with God Himself. God’s directions over the events in heaven and on earth’s history reveals His authority. However, the authority of the Word of God must be handle carefully. I gleaned to first start with the Torah or Pentateuch, which can be quite complicated. And yet, it is the first section of the Hebrew Scripture sanctified also accepted as authoritative in the religious community. Another key point, is the writings of the Torah, per Jewish tradition was dictated to Moses by God. Correspondingly, to understand where the authority originated is in interpreting the Torah. Chiefly, the Five…show more content…
However, the events in the Bible were real historical circumstances experienced by real historical persons who lived also communicated in their own cultural framework. Not to mention, their language, their mode of communication, their understanding of the world around them, their manners and customs were all, to some degree, products of their culture. In fact, to interpret the Torah and the Historical Books, understanding the name in which the Hebrew people knew God. Markedly, I also gleaned Elohist is the generic term for God considering the Hebrew people did not know Yahweh for God until the time of Moses. Therefore, if understanding correctly, to interpret the historical books, one must keep in mind the Hebrew was sensitive about history and their fundamental belief was that Yahweh was the God of all history also it’s process, His will and purpose. In my opinion, the Deuteronomic history interprets the real history while telling a true story. Giving meaning to the importance of the covenant, Yahweh’s will (to obey all will be well; to disobey evil will fall on them). This helps the interpreter understand how the material was structured also the source. However, Priestly history is material which is specifics aspects, tracing the way, the belief in the priority and heavily weighted towards the matters with which priests was concerned. Therefore, I agree with the author in interpreting the historical books. One must first understand the meaning of the words
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