If The World Became Vegetarian

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Jennifer Wei Mrs. Grace English 9H Research Paper Today If The World Became Vegetarian... A Hypothetical Analysis of if the World became Vegetarian and its Effects Peering into the fridge, there’s nothing to eat. One may settle on a bag of chips. While you take a bite, you may take a glance at the nutritional facts. Ignorance covers the rest of the package with lies. You may see the fat content but you do not honestly know how much effort it took to get that bag to you. Erase that ignorance and you can change your health, your ecological footprint, and the world by simply changing what you eat. Looking at the vegetarian diet and its health benefits; the environmental effects and pollution of meat production; and the destruction of your health by meat products;there are major consequences from the production of animal products. “What is Vegetarian?” one may ask. Vegetarian is a person who refuses to eat meat, fish or poultry (“Vegetarian Food”). There are many types of vegetarians with exceptions to the definition (Winkler, 14) . Vegans are those who do not eat or use animal products. Lacto-ovos are those who eat eggs and dairy. Lacto are those who will eat dairy but no eggs. Ovo are those who eat eggs but no milk. Pescatarians do not eat meat but will eat fish and seafood products as for pollotarians, they eat poultry but no red meat. Several millions have cut red meat out of their diets and 2 million people have become vegan. World leaders have all advocated a
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