If There Was Absolutely No Possibility Of Recovery, And

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If there was absolutely no possibility of recovery, and the patient was suffering nearly everyday, the avenue of assisted suicide should be presented and given merit. With no possible way to avoid problems, issues arise for every possible situation, as assisted suicide is sometimes viewed as the easy way out. Large amounts of planning, assisted suicide by no means is easy though the drugs are roughly one hundred dollars (ProCon). The patient must come to terms with what will happen if they do not take this path, and also assess what will happen if they go this way. Pain and suffering could follow them around until they die or they could leave their family on a good note. Through assisted suicide, they could spend time with their family…show more content…
Death seems to change people, whether for better or worse. When loved ones sit in bed at a hospital with no way of communication or say in what happens to them, the decision then rests with the closest family member. Many times they make the decision to ‘pull the plug’, and no one gives it enough thought to connect it to murder if this situation is viewed the same as how many view assisted suicide. If assisted suicide is in fact considered suicide and as a despicable act, then in turn ‘pulling the plug’ should be considered murder as well. Lines get blurred with this topic very easily as both paths lead to death, but the difference is that the ill patient has no say with having the plug pulled, and the ill patient does have a say as to how, when, and where, they will be essentially put to sleep. Without assisted suicide, the number of suicides of terminally ill patients would continue to rise. This would leave for example, more children vulnerable to walking into a room and finding their mommy hanging from the ceiling or collapsed on the floor surrounded in blood or vice versa. Louise Bazalgette, an author commented that the "lack of attention paid to people with terminal or chronic illness committing suicide is a gross dereliction of duty on the part of the government and health service” (Randeep). If more states would realize that assisted suicide helps people with coming to terms

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