If We Are Honest All The Social Work Ethics Can Relate

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If we are honest all the social work ethics can relate to various relationships in our lives. Dignity and Worth of a person is my choice of Social Work ethic. I chose Dignity and Worth of a person simply because no matter the relationship be it professional, personal, and worker-client relationship we need to treat people with basic respect, and worth. To treat someone with respect, and to let them know they are worth it despite what society, or their circumstances may say. Humans have a natural craving to be treated as something of value, which is why some go beyond even to the point of losing their self-worth. To some there must be a certain level of dignity and worth for there to even be relationship. Then there are some who do not…show more content…
John becomes abusive and Sally makes excuses for him. She blames his childhood for his behavior, and accepts the continued verbal and physical abuse. John controls Sally, and makes her feels less than. Sally has lost her worth and begins to blame herself for the mistreatment. She feels she deserves the abuse when she does not do what he has commanded. Sally has lost her dignity and worth for someone who does not value her. She has become so wrapped up in John that she accepts and blames herself for the abuse. Sally finally told a friend and her friend reminded her of her worth. Her friend reminded her that she does not deserve to be mistreated, and abused. Sally lost her dignity and worth by letting someone control her, not thinking for herself, and allowing things to happen that she does not agree with. Since then Sally has left John, and has not looked back. She realizes she lost her worth, and knows how she should be treated. Professional relationships Dignity and Worth of a person in professional settings are necessary. An employee should never feel less than because of a superior. Some people in authoritative positions have the tendency to feel as though they can belittle people who are under them and this is unacceptable. At the end of it all the staff and administrator need to be on one accord so that business/agency can run smoothly, and efficiently. On behalf of both social worker and administrator there should be
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