If You Can Not Preach Like Paul

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This hermeneutical journey report will highlight the Swing method provided by Nancy Lamers Grossman in her book, If You Cannot Preach Like Paul. This particular sermon writing process focuses on the scripture text John1:1-18, and it will be written and preached in a style that reflects Anna Carter Florence’s Testimonial Methodology.
Choosing the Text:
This particular sermon is being prepared for an evening vesper service on the first Sunday of Advent. This will be the third service of the day for this particular congregation, and it will follow the morning services, which will have been guided by the lectionary text for that day. For this particular service, candle light, and light in general, is a main theme. The congregation will sit within the sanctuary, and the only light will be from the candle light and Advent decoration. Also, this service is to help congregation members prepare their hearts for the Advent season in its entirety. It is a service that marks the beginning of an important journey. I chose the passage John1:1-18 in an attempt to meet the two main needs that this service requires, light imagery and preparation for the coming of Jesus. The light is significant in this text because the author refers to Jesus being the light for the world that sits in darkness, which seemed to me to be a great place to start for this particular service. Additionally, this passage is the gospel text for this upcoming Christmas Daily Text reading. I felt that if this is to
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