If You Create A Breakdown Scene Again Today

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"If you create a breakdown scene again today, I will make you regret it." "As if I 'm afraid of your threats." I crossed my arms and leaned in the entrance. Ignoring me, Nolan showed our tickets to the lady checking and we were allowed in. The accident, Chase 's death, and even our kiss seemed to have no significance on Nolan. Back to square one. He told me to follow him. We were going to spread false rumors about Janine. Who said girls were witches when it came to rumors and gossiping? Nolan beat them all. He sat down with some of the swimmer guys and told them how he was having fun with a certain female swimmer. Not me, obviously. I couldn 't even find Kayden to warn him. Hopefully, he trusted his girlfriend more than his friends.…show more content…
Typical guy. To think Nolan maybe wasn 't that terrible was a huge mistake on my part. I didn 't even know why his words stung. Some announcer said something but we were too engrossed in our argument and fight. "Hit him for me too," I told Kayden. Nolan looked at me in disbelief. Wait, what if it was Nolan 's plan? What if he was lying? "It 's not my fault your girlfriend likes me better," Nolan said. He was running on thin ice. Disgusted, I turned away. Kayden was yelling at Nolan to shut his yap. Janine came over to join us with a panicked look. "Kayden, why are you--" she began. "Stop," Kayden held up his hand. "Were you with Nolan yesterday night?" I waited for her answer as well. She frowned. "Yeah, he needed me, so--" Needed her for what?! Kayden 's face was crimson from anger. Expecting a denial from Janine, I was disappointed in Nolan. Kayden released Nolan and stepped away to face Janine. "You skipped meeting me for him?" Kayden asked her. "And you didn 't bother talking to me after everything that happened because of her?" I asked Nolan. Janine looked uncomfortable. Nolan gave me a glare to shut up. "It was nothing!" Janine protested. "Nothing?" I asked pissed off. "Of course. You broke up with him because of his medical problem. Now, you 're the one meeting him because he needed you?" "What do you even see in him?" Kayden asked Janine. "What do you even see in her?" I asked Nolan. I didn 't know why my temperature my rising. "I met him
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