If You Cross The River You Are A Criminal

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Social inequality / pg 79: a social condition in which privileges and obligations are given to some but denied to others.

A criminal is defined as a person who commits a crime. What happens when those crimes are against humanity? How do we as Americans justify some of our laws, when they are morally wrong? Our ancestors invaded, conquered, and eventually industrialized lands. Settlers initial goals were to find better lives and opportunities. A few centuries later, we are denying immigrants the same rights to seek out better lives and opportunities. Border patrol stated at the beginning of of the film, “If you cross the river you are a criminal.” In my opinion, it is criminal that we waste money on the deporting system versus helping to civilize the southern countries. In The Harvest, immigrants in the U.S faced the risks of making incomes like $64/week and not getting paid. The film Wetbacks showed the perspective of the people South of the U.S borders. Families in the Latin America 's average up to $70/month. Two dollars a day won 't buy one person a day food, let alone a family. Almost everything is done by hand; breaking rocks, transporting water from the river, washing/drying clothes, and producing/catching little food. I feel we should either open or extend our borders. Some of our border laws need to be revised or eradicated. We hand money to people who use the welfare system as a career. Why not employ immigrants for jobs Americans will never do? Immigrants…
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