If You Were Malik, What Strategies Would You Adopt to Solve the Problem? Ans: Xyz Moon Life Insurance Faced Major Problem of High Employee Turnover. as Malik, I Would Have Adopted Following Strategies * Better Incentive,

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SIXTH SEMESTER (2011 Admission)

1. Rapid Creations has been acquired by Indigo Hues. Employees of the acquired company need basic training in A. Human relations B. New technology A. They are not convinced about their benefits B. They do not like to be away from their colleagues and friends C. They feel they are ill equipped that they need training D. None of the above 3. ____________, as a training method, helps the trainee gain cross functional knowledge A. Apprenticeship B. Simulation C. Job rotation D. Job enlargement 4. The method of training in which the trainee is given a
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The process of developing and understanding of the self and ones relationships with other group members through unstructured group interaction is termed as A. Role playing B. Simulation exercise C. Sensitivity training D. Transactional analysis

10. _______________ is the use of computers and telephones to enable an employee to work off-site and outside the traditional workplace A. over time B. flexi work C. part time D. Telecommuting 11. Training is more likely to be seen as a cost by those organizations employing what type of workers? A. Those employed in Japanese companies B. Those working in the motor industries 12. The supervisors should be trained in. A. Leadership & communications B. Management communication A. Development A. Bangalore B. Training B. Calcutta C. Workers communication D. Leadership & union communication C. Promotion C. Chennai D. Transfer D. Puna C. Industries employing low skilled workers. D. Those employing higher skilled employees

13. Which of the following helps the employee to improve their efficiency? 14. Indian institute of personnel administration is established in. 15. One of the major barriers to career advancement experiencing by working ladies is; A. Difficulty in balancing work and family life B. Top management is usually male oriented. C. Lack of educational opportunities D. Common perception that woman can not be better boss 16. Career Development is A. A formal approach taken by an organization to help its people acquire the