If You Were To Ask Me What Is Something I Remember From

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If you were to ask me what is something I remember from my childhood that was so significant I would answer, food. Food has definitely been such an huge impact in my life. Coming from a Mexican household, it is something that brings people together and makes us connect with all the spices as well as experiment with different tastes. Being so experimental with food at a young age thanks to mom has definitely defined what kind of food I am willing to try and what I will eat. Being a 21 year old woman in college I can say my food choices have changed drastically but food is my full source of survival in life.
As a child, I was always willing to try anything that was handed to me or placed on my plate. I was never neglected from anything
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My mom always cooking different types of meals for dinner. That was my favorite time of the day but not until I turned 15. The tables turned in my family and now my mom was the one going to work. I always watched my mom cook so I learned how to cook because of her. In the article, “Tasteless” by Dave Sedaris says,”My older sister and I were in elementary school when our mother bought us our first cookbook”. This just reminded me of when I had to cook my own meals for myself and my sister especially when we had to change our meals and I had to watch over what my sister ate.
As soon as I got old enough to feed myself and make my own food choices, I began to see what I truly liked and also didn’t find appetizing. When I began learning how to cook for myself and my sister, I found myself experiencing with different flavors and trying new things from outside my culture. I started to consume more fruits and vegetables and cut out red meat on a daily basis and now all I eat is shrimp and chicken. The only time I eat our traditional food is on holidays, family gatherings such as parties, and if we crave it which is rarely. From my mom teaching me some tricks and tips to be a great cook as she is, since it’s something I wish I can be, just like Roy Ahn says “Meanwhile, food remains a primary conduit through which I hope to install to him the lessons of one half of his ethnic
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