If You Won 't Change Your Mind?

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so...this is it. your departure day.

you won 't change your mind?

i 'm sorry, i truly am. i know this won 't change your answer, but i 'd like to try.

will you give me at least a minute to say my goodbyes?

oh, she 's gone. I understand.

I 'd still like a moment with her.

i don 't care if she can 't hear me. i want to dream a little.

hey, what 's up?

i just wanted to...

I just wanted you to know, we had no idea.

would you tell me of yourself, or what you 've become?

will you tell me of the demons that haunted your dreams, begging for your life?

tell me of the nights you stayed up crying, sobbing loudly in hopes that someone, something would hear you and come to your rescue.

it 's okay to cry, i promise. you can cry on my
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he sunk down to the floor, and put his hands in his face. slowly, he took out his phone and dialed 911. by the time the police came, both your parents were sobbing over your body.

as the police came in, your father let them brush past him as if he was nothing. and he truly believed he was nothing without you.

your mother stayed right next to you by this point, so the police unfortunately had to tear her away from your body. she screamed and kicked and cried because everything was just unfair in this world.

the paramedics came into the room right behind the police and attempted to do anything to bring you back, but there was nothing they could do.

they declared you dead on the spot, in which your mother screamed loudly once more and turned to your father for comfort. but he was no help, he 's become a mess too.

for weeks to follow, your parents could not look at each other, because you bear a resemblance to the both of them.

they slept in the same bed, but they didn 't hold each other close, they simply could not. your father tried to stay strong for your mother, but he missed you too much for that to become a possibility.

your mother stopped being the charming woman she was. she didn 't like talking to people in fear that they would bring up you by mistake. her life was never the same by this day.

by the time your friends found out about you, they stared at the teacher as if
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