If You 're A Vampire, It 's All About You

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If you’re a vampire, it’s all about you. Why is Edward Cullen obsessed to the point of erotomania by Bella Swan? Because she smells so yummy, but he doesn’t want to kill her. Here’s what he tells her: He must not be around her. He might sink his fangs in just a little, and not be able to stop. She finds this overwhelmingly attractive. She tells him he is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. I don’t remember Edward ever saying that to her. Maybe once. He keeps on saying they should stay far, far apart, because he craves her so much. Should a woman fall in love with a man because he desires her so much? Men seem to think so. It 's not about the woman, it 's about the man 's desire. We all know there is no such thing as a vampire. Come on now, what is "Twilight" really about? It 's about a teenage boy trying to practice abstinence, and how, in the heat of the moment, it 's really, really hard. And about a girl who wants to go all the way with him, and doesn 't care what might happen. He 's so beautiful she would do anything for him. She is the embodiment of the sentiment, "I 'd die for you." She is, like many adolescents, a thanatophile. If there were no vampires in "Twilight," it would be a thin-blooded teenage romance, about two good-looking kids who want each other so much because they want each other so much. Sometimes that 's all it 's about, isn 't it? They 're in love with being in love. In "Twilight," however, they have a seductive disagreement about whether
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