If you have to trade and animal for a human, why not keep the animal? Animal testing is used around

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If you have to trade and animal for a human, why not keep the animal? Animal testing is used around the world to subsequent of the demolish of using humans as testis. They have been used for research as long ago as “1922 when animal testing allowed for insulin to be isolated from dogs”, yet now we are just starting to realize the animals and how they might be hurt. Animals, they do a lot more to help us than most people never realize. They are the only other living thing closes to humans to be tested on. They have shortened life cycles so it won’t affect them so long term if anything were to go wrong, unlike humans. And to be frank they have no real rights, so it’s partially ok. What about all of the medical breakthrough that we have had…show more content…
While you look at an animal that got injured in the same way and they will not have to live as long with it. With testing animals they don’t typically use the animals that are proven to have long spans of lives. They use the ones that are short lived like rates, rabbits and other smaller animal.

Scientist and researchers over the last 100 years have discovered more than their fair share of vaccines using animals. “Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century - for both human and veterinary health.” said Foundation for Biomedical Research. The one thing that i would say is that without animals we would still be afraid of a common cold . Animals are used in many different ways when testing. It could be that a bunny is trying out a new solution for contacts or even a new kind contact. They are still helping in a major ways, even if we don’t always see them.

Animal don’t have the same rights as humans do only because a) they can’t communicate with us b) sense they can’t communicate with us they can’t say no to basic stuff. This isn’t meaning that they don’t have their own sort of rights (not being abused) but they are just different than humans own rights.

The next time that you look at an animal that has been taken from its home or raised in captivity, look at what they are doing to help us in our everyday life. Without them we could still
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