Ifrs Applicable in Bangladesh

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Executive Summary The adoption of IFRS around the world is occurring rapidly to bring about accounting quality improvement through a uniform set of standards for financial reporting. However, accounting quality is a function of the firm’s overall institutional setting, including the legal and political system of the country in which the firm resides. This paper documents the prospects of IFRS adoption and their impact on the financial reporting environment of Bangladesh considering the underlying institutional and economic factors. It argues about trade-off between the scale advantage of IFRSs (designed globally by the highly sophisticated authority) and the local advantage of decentralized adaptation. It is also an effort to focus on the…show more content…
(Belkaoui,1994). Despite the difficult process Anderson (1993) said “a set of international accounting standards will allow new horizons of evolution due to the fact that comparative analysis of the rates of returns established based on the balance sheets and profit and loss account between the companies being in competition become relevant”. The comparison, as the basic form of economical judgment can be realized only if the accounting system is unique for all the companies involved in the analysis. Also harmonization is absolutely necessary because national standards of financial statements are virtually useless; financial markets in more regulated countries are threatened with a loss of market share; and multinational corporations must prepare multiple reports for different nations they do business in. (Nobes and Parker 1991). In order to accomplish this target the accounting profession developed the solutions like: the American solution GAAP or the European solution (British solution to be read) IAS/IFRS. On the backdrop of getting a single set of international accounting standards (since October 2002, the IASB and FASB have been working systematically toward convergence of IFRS and U.S. GAAP), IFRS is rapidly gaining acceptance as over 100 countries have recently moved to IFRS reporting or decided to require the use of
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