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IFSM 300 UMUC Haircuts Stage 2 Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwaid.com/shop/ifsm-300-umuc-haircuts-stage-2/ Case Study, Stage 2: Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the “UMUC Haircuts Case Study”, “UMUC Haircuts Stage 1” Project and the “Walmart Example.” You will use the strategic business area and process that you selected in Stage 1; review the feedback you received for any recommended changes to your Stage 1 project prior to starting this assignment and be sure you have an appropriate “process” identified. Purpose of this Assignment This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your analysis skills to model a business process.…show more content…
The proposed information technology solution should address the revised business process and should be appropriate to UMUC Haircuts. The solution will be briefly described, and an explanation given for why and how this proposed solution will improve the business process. Be sure to read the instructions for the remaining projects in this Case Study (Stages 3-5) to get an understanding of the future projects that build on the proposed solution and to help you in deciding upon your solution. You want to propose a solution that can be used in the assignments that follow this one, so be selective and choose an appropriate solution. Assignment For this assignment you will use the process identified for improvement in your Stage 1 Project. There are 2 parts to this assignment. Part 1: Business Process Analysis - Models of the AS IS Process and the TO BE Process. The various course resources provided for Week 2 illustrate several different methods of modeling business processes. You may use any of the models shown (or follow the example provided in the Walmart Example), to analyze the process you identified for improvement,breaking it down into sequential steps and modeling it. You may use Microsoft Word,

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