Igens Persuasive Speech

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First of all what is iGens. Well I’ll tell you, iGens is a person born in or around 2003-2004 or above. iGens are also someone who is born around technology or someone who doesn't know what life would be like without technology. Now for the real question, will iGens be ready for what is expected of them? Now I will tell you of what I think of when the iGens generation will be ready for what will be expected of them. Everyday kids,teens, and even college students learn about literacy. Literacy is the ability to read and write. So other wise in someone's everyday life or job you use literacy in something you do. So for instance if you have a job as a teacher or even a job as building constructor because being a teacher you need to be able to know and teach literacy to your class so they could learn how to read and write so they can get a good career later in life. For a building constructor you need how to read the blueprints for how to build the building or house that they need to make. Also they need how to…show more content…
Also if you want to paint a picture you have to read what types of paints there are. In your whole entire life literacy helps you a lot even if you don’t know what it is or if you even notice if your using it. Literacy plays a big part in are life even though most people don’t know. Well that’s all I can tell you about literacy for today but hopefully you would learn more about it and maybe research about it to. Also, maybe you could teach literacy to someone younger than you and teach them how it improves yours and there life. Maybe even when you get home, you could also tell your parents about how literacy improves yours and there life. So that’s all I have to say for
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