Iggy Azala

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Mr. Marantz begins his article by stating how Iggy Azalea is nothing she claims to be. The hypothesis is the most likely truth being Iggy Azalea is everything an entertainer should be, because some entertainers make a good living pretending to be someone they are not.
Teitel E. (Jan 19, 2015) of FSO Library EBSCO writes the following: Her calling, which supposedly began in squalor in Florida when she was a teenager ("No money / no family / 16 in the middle of Miami") blew up last year; with Fancy, she topped the Billboard 100 longer than any female emcee in history. (Vol. 128 Issue 2, p53-53. 1p.)
She was as good an actor before a rapper, so when combining the two, Iggy is doing her job, and doing it very considerably with a net worth,
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So, the so-called realest Iggy is turning music into gold. Temping you, the Hip-Hop fan to purchase the merchandise, as you, the fans pay good money to see them “act” and buy their songs. I would call that turning music into gold or in hip-hop language into real dead presidents. Do not feel bad about that. Most all people like some genre of music and are a fan of an artist or several artists. Being duped by a pretend realest is OK, we totally need to be entertained, and so who cares if the artist is genuine. Mac Miller, who that is mentioned in Andrew Marantz’s article, released a song, “I’m Not Real.” He acknowledges not being a realest.
According to Celebrity Post (December 24, 2014) Mac Miller rolls 10 million bands as his net worth.
Therefore, I state my claim once again some entertainers make a good living pretending to be someone they are not.
Let us fans keep handing over our money to examine the Hip-Hop “act” or any music act for that matter. Unless you would rather not be entertained. Nevertheless, I ask you, who can be fooled, especially as today; we have pocket gems like ESPN, FOX, ABC, etc. Hence, being our mineral guides behind the scenes informing us to the dispute of what or who is real, and who or what is
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Who is the realest and who is not? Is entertaining acting? Can a pretend realest turn music into gold? They invited you to sample the product by paying money and catch the “act.” Realistically, we the fans do not care if Pusha T is hooked on snow, yellow snow, coke, snot, or what. All we fans want is to see the show, dance to the beat, do the twerk, and jerk. Give the fans fake Pusha T. Truth is told turn your music into gold we just want
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