Igmund Freud, The Famed Austrian Considered To Be The Father

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igmund Freud, the famed Austrian considered to be the father of psychoanalysis, has certainly left his mark on the world of psychology through a variety of different theories, studies, and new forms of treatment. Freud was born in 1856 and died in 1939, just four months after the character of Batman was first introduced, in Detective Comics #27, published by DC Comics. Freud had most likely never heard of Batman, but the caped crusader’s escapades and adventures can actually lead us to a deeper understanding of the concepts and ideas about the mechanisms and mannerisms of the human mind and psyche the Freud introduced to the world. More specifically, the ways in which the film The Dark Knight help us to understand Freud’s concepts of the…show more content…
A love interest Rachel, notes that Bruce’s father would be disappointed in him if he had followed through with the plan. Wayne confronted Falcone, who remarks that power comes from being feared. It is also established that Bruce, upon falling into a bat-infested well as a child, has a large fear of bats. Bruce goes off to train around the world, returning to Gotham to save it from various villains, with justice being his true goal. He notably sets up his headquarters in the bat-infested caves below Wayne Manor, marking a point of personal growth. By the beginning of The Dark Knight, Bruce is playing rich playboy for the public while secretly fighting crime as Batman at night. He attempts to put more energy into his war on criminals and injustice by aiding James Gordon, a commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, and Harvey Dent, the new district attorney. These two characters represent the law, especially Dent who is hell-bent on cleaning up Gotham. Tension arises between Dent and Wayne when the DA begins to woo Wayne’s romantic interest, Rachel – this tension mimics internal conflict between the Freudian concepts of the ego and the super-ego. In this film, it is clear that Dent represents the super-ego. He is focused on making Gotham not only better, but perfect. Freud remarks that the super-ego acts as a conscience (114, 1961) and that

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