Ignis's Hubris: A Narrative Fiction

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“Here,” Ignis said, holding his hand out.
I took hold of it, allowing him to pull me up. My back was sore at this point.
“Looks like the big guy decided to trash the place,” Prompto pointed out.
“Yea but, we still don’t know where it’s lair is even at.” Noct said.
“That’s true,” Gladio nodded. “I’m sure we'll find it though.”
“How big is this thing supposed to be…” I questioned, starting to get scared after seeing all the down trees.
Unfortunately, I seemed to get my answer all too soon as we made our way to a shallow watering hole. Before us were at least a dozen foot prints scattered in the mud. The prints were as long as my arm, a chill running through me. They were gigantic.
“That answer your question,” Gladio said.
I was starting to regret this in a way…
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As much as I’d rather be someplace away from the fiend, I’m much safer here. By Ignis’s side.
“I-I’ll stay,” I told him, closing my eyes as I drew in a breath of air.
There had to be another way to calm my nerves. I would rather be around them, knowing whoever tried to attack me last night won’t do it again, at least…I hope while I’m around Ignis and the others…
That thought itself made me frown. I still had no clue who it was that I was dealing with. It was obvious that if they'd gone this far in trying to get at me, then they likely weren't going to stop. It made me wonder if I was putting them all in danger because of this.
It also made me think sometimes that I should leave them, so that way they’re not in any danger, but…I glanced at Ignis. I knew he would disapprove of me even attempting to leave, he would also say something about that I would be thinking nonsense. But, I wanted to remain…I wanted to remain by his side…I want to be happy and be with Ignis... Thinking of all that made me sad, I truly didn’t want to leave his side at all, I wanted to
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