Ignorance Is Not A Bliss

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Ignorance Is Not a Bliss
In his excerpt “Idiot Nation,” from his 2001 book Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation, Michael Moore argues that the American education system has failed to properly educate its students and has instead produced a standardized citizenry incapable of developing its own opinions and beliefs. As a political activist, the author is angered by how ignorant the country has become and continues to be, and tries to prove to his audience the need for an improved, better structured education system. He intends to change his young audience’s perspective on education by using a witty, sarcastic tone, by using personal anecdotes, and by providing evidential data that further support his case. Moore challenges and belittles authority, in order to motivate his audience and show them that they can become activists for their own education, that they have a voice to be heard.

Moore fears for the future of the nation because he, himself, has gone through the system and understands the flaws within. During his early schooling, he was given the opportunity to skip first grade, but his mom pleaded that he would “always be the youngest and littlest kid through [his] schools years,” (126) so she prevented him from advancing to second grade. Since then, Moore has had the notion that schools are not nurturing the students’ minds, instead they force kids to “submerge any personal expression” (136). He grew up in an environment that suppressed
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