Igor Sirkosky's VS-300 Helicopter

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The dawn of streamline moderne, a type of Art Deco design and architecture begins. The style is marked by curving forms and long horizontal lines. Streamline Moderne style was inspired by vehicle styles such as cars, airplains, and ships. “They expressed speed in movement, economy of line and modern function” (8). The style is reflective of the time period economy and concept of competence. Piloted by its creator, Igor Sirkosky, the VS-300 Helicopter took flight for several seconds. this was an advancement in transportation technology. The Helicopter was the first to have a set of main propellors and a set at the tail of the helicopter. Helicopters are now essential for an array of transportation purposes. (10) The Pennsylvania Turnpike…show more content…
Eiken worked in conjunction with IBM to complete the project. The Mark 1 Computer was used during World War II by the United States Navy to solve complex problems quickly. From there onward , computers changed in shape, function, and use. (21) 1945 - The invention of the Microwave Percy Spencer, while testing magnetrons, when microwaves were produced, melting the candy in his pocket. After experimenting with other food, Spencer and his employer Raytheon, patented the microwave. Soon, the first microwave was available for sale at the price of $5000. (22) Major consequences of the microwave oven include a decrease in cooking and a stronger use of microwavable foods. 1944 - D-Day was a 160,000 troop attack against Nazi-Germans on the 50 mile streach on the beaches of Normandy. Although over 9,000 allied soldiers died it lead to the defeat of the Nazi Troops. (23) 1945 - The Nuremberg Trials were a series of cases regarding 24 military and political leaders of Germany for accusations of war crimes, crimes against humanity, as well as agressive war toward the International Military Tribunal.
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