Igor, The Filmography : The Faces Of Igor And Assita

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Though almost all of the lines in this scene are spoken by the seer, the filmography is focused on the faces of Igor and Assita, which helps to establish their powerful reactions. The protagonists’ have relatively no dialogue as Assita speaks a total of three lines and Igor mutters only one short sentence in this scene. However, as the seer explains the health of the child, and answers Assita’s questions about Hamidou, the camera is focused intently on the responses of Igor and Assita. The seer is almost always shown from behind, with his head bent, or with the camera zoomed in on his hands. In contrast, Assita and Igor are shown in profile or up-close. Assita and Igor’s physical reactions both imply extreme nervousness, supposedly for different reasons. Both are seen with large beads of sweat on their forehead’s, and Assista’s eyes are constantly drifting nervously from the seer to her child. Igor is seen visibly swallowing and wiping sweat from his brow. At one point when the seer says of Hamidou, “I don’t see a grave for him in the ancestor’s cemetery,” Igor is heard emitting a strange guttural sound which he clarifies with his only line of dialogue saying, “it’s the heat”. Between the perspiration on the character’s foreheads, their uneasy eye contact, and their anxious mannerisms it is easy to conclude that both Assita and Igor are tense. Though the observation of the Assita and Igor’s uneasy nature can be quickly established, the reasoning varies for each characters.
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