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FINAL EXAMINATION MIS 6110 – Management Information Systems Full name: Nguyen Thu Hien Date of birth: 18/11/1983 Class: MBA – CMU 7A. Total pages: 7 Grades IHOP COOKS CUSTOMER DATA TO ORDER IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is known as a supplier of the most delicious pancakes for dinner in the U.S. and Canada. The company has more than 90% of Americans know the name brand, restaurant owners and 1200 to more than 90% of which is proprietary agents. Although many studies have trends, customer preferences, but information systems management firm is not operating effectively, so the company decided to build and apply information technology into their management systems such as…show more content…
The complex system can not be for the senior leaders know exactly what products are most favored by customers at more than 1,200 stores of IHOP. Each franchise store their own data on finance, operations, marketing, personnel and has a separate department for storing and updating the data was. Consequently, the bad business decisions are made and the mistakes on the activities regularly occur-executive board can not have reliable information to make important business decisions. Although very understanding about the importance of the company should have sufficient knowledge of customers, but due to system data customer interaction is too large and difficult access to the IHOP leadership can not just have a look Overall, just information about business operations of their stores. 2. Why did IHOP have trouble getting to know its customers? IHOP is a major supplier of pancakes in the U.S. and Canada and annual sales of up to 3-4 billion market pie. Thereforce the research, find out the customer is necessary, however IHOP faced many difficulties in this issue. Objective reasons: Because IHOP's area of operations extends across the U.S. and Canada with up to 1,200 system restaurants, so the control and data collection to analysis and tracking behavior, customer preferences are met more difficult. Additionally, in each region, the consumption habits lead to different branches of the IHOP system must use a
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