Iii. Family History. The Two Groups Of People That I Focus

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III. Family History The two groups of people that I focus on for this project are my maternal grandparents and my parents. I specifically focus on these two groups because they allow me to understand how decisions about educational investment and labor market experiences differed between the genders across generations. They also allow me to understand whether other social institutions like marriage, which determines existence of a household, had changed across time. Everyone in my family was born in Nepal. My maternal grandfather was the first in my maternal family to attain a college degree. In college, he studied law and accounting in India. Since most Nepal was agrarian by nature, he chose his major with aspirations to live in India.…show more content…
Despite their college education, my grandmother made significant efforts to teach them vocational skills like sewing, managing sharecroppers, and agriculture for security if they were not able to find jobs. The period during which my mom pursued her education, only 16.5% of the Nepalese family between the ages of 15-24 had attained some form of secondary and college education (Nepal Census 1981). Even though both my mother and my aunt were sent to school, they were never expected to work in the nascent Nepalese economy. The greatest benefit that my grandparent’s saw in education for their daughters was the fact that it would make their daughters stand out when it was time for them to be married (Karn and Karna 2017). Even though education has shown to increase women’s equality by reducing their economic vulnerability and by giving them decision making powers (see e.g., Malhotra et al. 2003; Karam 2013), families in Nepal relied on the communal policing to prevent acts of violence against women. Despite societal pressure, my mother joined the workforce right after her college. She started her career as a journalist and moved into banking before permanently opting out of the workforce. In total, she only spent approximately 5 years of her life in the workforce. She states that employment for women was very difficult at the time. In her professions, there were only a handful of television news networks and

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