Iii. The Ransom Of Christ. They Were Ransomed From Their

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III. The Ransom of Christ They were ransomed from their futile ways by the precious blood of Christ. This section will discuss if ransom is actually the most accurate English translation, what they were ransomed from, what they were ransomed with, and what they were ransomed for. Ransom or Redemption? Ransom is an interesting word choice for the translators because it brings to today’s mind a kidnapper, a helpless tied up person, and a duffel bag full of cash. The mystery here is to find how accurate of a word it really is for a modern day translation. Peter originally wrote λυτρόω or lystroo. This word appears only two times in the New Testament outside of this passage. In Luke 24:21, Cleopas said that they thought Jesus was going to…show more content…
This paper claims that the futile ways are all three because any amount of all three of these cannot earn one salvation, but through Him people are believers in God. They were ransomed from meaningless actions, and insufficient deeds that try to earn God’s favor; these things are futile. Ransomed With After discussing in verse 18 what they were not ransomed with, in verse 19 he tells them how they were ransomed. There is quite a bit more information about the cost of the ransom than there is about what they were ransomed from. The ransom was the precious blood of Christ who was foreknown, but made manifest for them. To begin, by releasing his blood, Christ released his own life; the cost was the life of Christ. Secondly, God knew that he would send Christ before the creation of the world; God had the plan before the beginning, but did not implement the plan until the end. Ransomed For With the ransom, God brought those who believe in him out of sin, and other meaningless ways through the blood of Christ. The reason why is found in verses 20 and 21. He did it for Peter’s audience. They benefited because the Christ was made manifest. Another result of Christ being made manifest is that the audience believes in God. In summary, God made Christ manifest for the benefit of Peter’s audience, which believes in God because of Christ. He concludes with the same thought

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