Iintroduction. Comprehension As A Process Is An Intriguing

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IIntroduction Comprehension as a process is an intriguing phenomenon. The ability to understand a particular student is affected by inevitable factors such as age and intelligence of that individual. The method employed during teaching is a constant factor. The intelligence quotient varies between various individuals. It is, therefore, paramount to always employ an effective means of teaching. This entrusts a feeling of equity ascertaining that all students acquire a minimum preset level of comprehension of the subjected lesson. The forged policies and pedagogy is a by all means a basis of universal teaching that can encompass a qualitative learning process. This can be achieved by several factors such as learning some characteristics of…show more content…
Good communication is a criterion that sets many students apart in terms of traits. This is useful when building any form of rapport between them and the lecture or tutor. A student that respectfully communicates has also come out as self-motivated and is more likely to get more help from the teacher since their problems are aired out effectively. Students that do not communicate can be misjudged and mistaken for lack of motivation and self-confidence. In addition, students who are good communicators are made, not born (Floyd, 2013). With good communication, it is possible to make effective and faster progress when in a learning environment. Students who communicate effectively are able to ask questions when they are doubtful and can get clarification which exemplifies them. Persistence is an essential trait if success is desired in any learning set up. Students must demonstrate the trait of repeating certain tasks for full comprehension and grasp of concepts. The brain is always wired to forget certain concepts that might have been explained earlier. Persistence makes sure the student never hangs up their boots when they encounter a hard task. Besides grasping forgotten concepts, persistence is also efficient when dealing with practical sessions. The ability of the student to perform one task repetitively is desirable and it increases the chances of the student to permanently and fully grasp the concept (Habley, 2013). Personal

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