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Table of Contents 1.0 Back ground of IJM Land Berhad
1.1 Basic Introduction of IJM Land Berhad
1.2 Choices over IJM Land Berhad
1.3 Analysis of current situation of IJM Land Berhad
1.3.1 Vision
1.3.2 Proposed Vision Statement
1.4.1 Mission
1.4.2 Improved Mission
1.5 Objectives (SMART)
2.0 Internal Analysis
2.1 Product Life Cycle of IJM Land
2.1.1 Introduction Stage
2.1.2 Growth Stage
2.1.3 Maturity Stage
2.1.4 Decline Stage
2.1.5 Conclusion of IJM Land Berhad’s Product Life Cycle
2.2 Boston Consulting Group Matrix of IJM Land Berhad}
2.2.1 Question Marks
2.2.2 Star
2.2.3 Cash Cows
2.2.4 Dogs
2.2.5 Conclusion of IJM Land Berhad’s Boston Consulting Group Matrix
2.3 Value of Chain
2.3.2 Inbound Logistics
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In line with the stable economic environment, improved labour market conditions and rising inflationary fears, the property market continued on a growth trend that only moderated towards the end of the year. In 2011, the Malaysian property market recorded an all time high 430,403 transactions valued at RM137.83 billion which were 14.3% and 28.3% higher respectively compared to 2010. In tandem with the vibrant property market, the Group’s projects throughout the country continued to enjoy healthy take up rates, which enabled it to achieve RM1.35 billion in sales. Riding on this positive sentiment, the Group continued to enhance its value proposition to prospective buyers by offering a wide range of products incorporating contemporary designs and innovative features in our well located developments. The positive results of our efforts are reflected in the financial performance of the Group.
According to the company CEO & Managing Director Dato’ Soam Heng Choon, our strategically located projects across the country generally experienced strong demand. In Penang, our prestigious “The Light” waterfront development, Maritime office suites, Pearl Regency, Vertiq and The Address condominium projects, Klang Valley’s Laman Granview in Puchong (an exclusive semi-detached and bungalow enclave), Johor’s landed residential development within Iskandar Malaysia called Nusa Duta, D’Rich and D’Ambience

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