Ike Vs Byod Essay

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BYOD, CYOD, and COPE. Which is right for you? Many companies have questions about the differences between the wireless device policies available for employers now. From BYOD to CYOD and COPE, there are many different options for you to choose from. However all have their distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to saving your company money and time. So because it all depends on your company's needs, there is no plan among the three that works best for everyone. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) BYOD lets employees use their personal devices for work, connecting to a corporate network. Generally you will cover a portion of the service plan's cost per employee. This policy is great for productivity because your employees don't…show more content…
⦁ Maintenance is more time consuming on an employee to employee basis. Lack of uniformity and familiarity may increase costs as well as time
⦁ Possible compatibility issues

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Choose your own device is a better solution for larger companies generally, who want some of the benefits of BYOD without some of the security and compatability issues that come with it. If you decide to use CYOD you will be letting your employees choose from a predetermined set of devices provided by the company for business use. Now onto the benefits and drawbacks. CYOD Benefits and Drawbacks
⦁ Minizes risk of security breach
⦁ No compatability issues for troubleshooting, since the selected devices will be known and approved.
⦁ No risk of personal data being compromised or lost.
⦁ Employees may not fully understand the devices available
⦁ Each employee will have multiple devices for both work and personal use, which can get
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