Ikea As A Manufacturer And Retailer

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IKEA is known as a furniture manufacturer and retailer. The company is world renowned and known globally. It specializes in knockdown and discounted good quality furniture. IKEA was founded in 1943 by an individual by the name of Ingvar Kamprad. He wanted to serve price-conscious neighbors in the location of Southern Sweden. IKEA was based on developing innovated modern designed furniture. IKEA was also had the recourse to produce in mass produces and venturing early into Eastern Europe to build a supplier network. This was ideal for the company at this time to begin a business. In 1945, the first advertisement for IKEA appeared in the newspaper. Ingvar’s business soon outgrew hi being able to make sales calls all by himself, so he began…show more content…
This low price strategy is coupled with a wide range of well designed, functional products. IKEA 's products cater for every lifestyle and life stage of its customers, who come from all age groups and types of households. This is vital in times when the retail sector is depressed, as it increases IKEA 's potential market. The customer knowledge. Constantly using innovations to drive costs down. Supply chain integration. The brand reputation and market presence, diversified product portfolio. Weakness of IKEA are simple things with implementing new ideas can be changed. Customer knowledge. One of the key competitive advantages IKEA has is its extensive knowledge about the customers. The company understands the purchasing factors that influence customers to buy and implements the best practices to induce that decision. IKEA offers low prices and a huge range of products. Designers constantly introduce new design products that look stylish in the eyes of customers. All the products are designed so it would be easy to transport and assemble. Moreover, the company offers the widest product range and positive shopping experience. All of these factors are aligned with what customers want and need and which results in higher sales. Without such extensive customer knowledge and best practices to benefit from that knowledge, IKEA would be unable to outcompete its current competitors. Constantly using innovations to drive costs

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