Ikea - Business Ethics Essay

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IKEA in Russia - Ethical Dilemmas Lusine Demirjian Business Ehics I-Executive Summary IKEA is the world’s largest retailer of home furnishings. It strives to provide simple, functional, modern, and useful products at affordable prices to as many people as possible in as many places regardless of their geographical location. IKEA concept is implemented from the start of idea, implemented into the design, manufacture, logistics, sales and final assembly of each product. IKEA was developed by Ingvar Kamprad from southern Sweden, where people are known for surviving and making the most from limited resources. IKEA has aggressively pursued expansion into emerging markets as well as developed economies to make it possible for all…show more content…
IKEA in business to generate profit is expanding rapidly in both developing and emerging markets. In an attempt to generate more and more profit it markets, inexpensive products that may originate from sustainable resources but at the same time it encourages excessive consumption, it is often located in remote areas with very large footprint. Products with limited life cycle need replacement more frequently and consumers more often than not end up purchasing far more than they needed when they come to IKEA. It is designed to be consumer friendly, stylish rooms set up for one to visualize placement of furniture at home and if needed available staff to help you in planning and placement of your furniture. Most recently in February 2013, case of embarrassment came from its food service where it was found the “Swedish Meatballs” it served contained horsemeat. Corruption and bribery case in Russia was an awakening experience for IKEA. In 2010, its top two managers were fired due to bribery of contractors to provide electricity power supply generators to its stores to avoid power shortage. Knowingly it allowed payments of bribery to secure electricity supply, which was a blow to its reputation as ethical business practice around the world. However, it is often understood bribery and corruption is pervasive in Russia and cannot be avoided. Second instance of corruption for IKEA in Russia
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