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1 Theoretical Analysis 3 1.1.Background 3 1.2 Literature review 3 1.2.1 Click and Mortar Strategy- integration of two channels 4 1.2.2 Transaction-based and trust-based strategy 6 1.2.3 Corporate website & e-commerce system 7 1.2.4 Summary 9
2 Strategy analysis 11 2.1 Business idea 11 2.1.1 Business Model 12 2.1.2 Vision 14 2.2 Global Strategy 14 2.3 Future challenges 15
3 Web site analysis 16 3.1 Informative communication 16 3.2 Structure, Navigation and visuality: 17 3.3 Information accuracy, security and trustworthiness of the site 18 3.4 Web shop 19 3.5 Personal opinion 20
4 Conclusion 21
Referencess 23

1 Theoretical Analysis

E-commerce concept goes beyond “the selling
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With regard to the benefit, Steinfield et al (12005) emphasizes four advantages of click and mortar retailing over pure internet retailers:
1. Improved trust
2. Reduced customer risk
3. Broader coverage of diverse shopping preference
4. Natural complementarities between two channel
(Source: Charles Steinfield, Thomas Adelaar and Fang Liu 2005, click and mortar strategies)

Website features
Besides the benefit, Over review of literature and previous case studies, Steinfield et al(2005) addresses some important features utilized for click and mortar website in connection with physical stores:

• a map and/or driving directions to physical stores • the company history /background introduction • the opening hours of physical stores • special sales events/promotion • the ability to search the inventory • the ability to book the service, to purchase online, while to pick up offline

Potential Barriers
The integration of physical and virtual channels is not an easy task, a lot of obstacles are to block the way. This research report names a few, such as : the complexity in pricing and differences in channel and consumer characteristics; the threat of channel conflict; lack of resources ;risk of endangering brand due to poor integration. The click and mortar e-commerce strategy is influenced by various factors. Like mentioned before, product type/retailer sectors/resources situation have

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