Ikea Csr Essay

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| | | | | IKEAMGT301 CSR Case Study Report | | Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 Company History and Overview 3 Vision, Objective and Values 4 Meaning of Sustainability to IKEA 5 CSR Issues and Criticism 6 Why IKEA sought to address the issues through CSR 12 How IKEA sought to address the issues through CSR 13 The Natural Step 15 Public Response 17 Cultural Change Within IKEA 18 Evaluation of the Strategic Element of IKEA’s CSR Practice 22 Conclusion 23 Bibliography 24 Appendix 26 IKEA MGT301 CSR Case Study Report Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of IKEA as an organization and the issues and criticism in which it has been…show more content…
(IKEA n.d., Facts & Figures) Vision, Objective and Values IKEA’s Vision and Mission is “To create a better everyday life for the many people”. (IKEA Sustainability Report 2009, p. 6) IKEA supports their vision by offering the public quality and functional products priced so that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. IKEA’s Objective is “to make products which have minimum impact on the environment and to manufacture them in a socially responsible way”. (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 2008) IKEA’s Values are: * Doing more with less * Being humble by listening to and learning from others, especially its stakeholders * Being fair and honest * Togetherness * Humbleness * Simplicity * Consciousness (IKEA Sustainability Report 2009, p. 7) Meaning of Sustainability to IKEA IKEA has established and defined the meaning of sustainability according to its vision, values and objective. As per IKEA’s Sustainability Report 2009, IKEA defined what sustainability means to them together with co-workers, suppliers, organizations and experts: “Wherever we are, we act with respect to exert a positive impact on people and on the limited resources of our planet to ensure long-term profitability”. Additionally, IKEA has set itself a new slogan: “Low price, but not at any price” This means that they price
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