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Contents Acknowledgements: 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction to Furniture Industry 3 World Furniture Production 3 Role in World Economy 4 Characteristics of the furniture industry 4 Industry Trends 4 Furniture Industry in Pakistan 5 Introduction to IKEA 6 The IKEA Concept 6 History 6 IKEA Range 7 1. Design 7 2. Function 8 3. Low Price- 8 IKEA Product names 8 IKEA Catalogue 9 Major Global Competitors 9 Major Pakistani Competitors 9 Government Policies Targeted at the Industry 12 Policies to encourage location in a host country 12 Policies to Protect Local Firms 12 Policies to Discriminate Against Foreign Firms 13 International regulatory Frameworks 13 Predominant Corporate Strategies of the Industry 14 JOB TRENDS…show more content…
The furniture of that times included beds, tables, chairs, boxes, stools, and chests usually made of the natural wood. In the modern times, the furniture construction is usually based on the availability of the man-made materials like plywood, laminated board, chipboard, and hardboard. World Furniture Production The seven major industrial economies of furniture production are: The United States, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and France These countries produce 47% in value of the world total. The furniture production of all developed countries combined covers 61% of world total. Furniture production in emerging countries currently amounts to 39% of the world total in value. The three major countries are: China, Poland, Vietnam In these countries the production is increasing rapidly due to recent investments in new plants especially designed and built for exports. Role in World Economy Furniture industry has changed over the years. There is a boom time for furniture industry. This boom in the furniture industry is evident from the fact that every country sports a string of furniture showrooms of all kinds and sizes. Changing lifestyle, disposable incomes, and economy growth, increasing migration to urban areas has all contributed to the demand for furniture and in turn the growth of the furniture

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