Ikea Invade America

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Ikea invades America
(1) Compare IKEA to a traditional furniture store
I would like to compare IKEA and traditional furniture store in terms of the SWOT analysis:
Ikea has established strong branding with wide range of stylish products. It focus on offering low-priced and affordable furniture. The furniture is easy to assemble and ship. It offers one-stop shopping and featured the amenities as playrooms for children and Swedish cafes, bank and enough parking spaces. It creates a friendly atmosphere and services to shop and design the store layout for a nice journey of shopping. It has strong global sourcing capabilities.
All of its furniture came unassembled and may be unappealing to certain group of consumers,
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-Place strategy: market development
IKEA target on specific new market and segments with the existing product characteristic: low price, joint venture and brand reputation. The international expansion could help them to increase market share, reduce cost, increase profit and acquire customer.
To summarize, IKEA has its own key differentiation in the market: low prices, high volumes, global sourcing presence, Scandinavian design, distribution concept with flat pack and the way to set out the stores and

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