Ikea Marketing Plan

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IKEA Marketing Plan – Part I

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Internal Environment
IKEA current marketing goal and objective
The IKEA vision is to create a better life for many people who purchase their products. Their main objectives are: - IKEA produces cheap and affordable products for the customers - The company wants better life for those who cannot afford expensive products - IKEA always helps to produce right product for the right consumer - IKEA always tries to sell their products at low prices - The company’s global developments and its continual commitment is to have a positive impact on people and
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Sales in billion of euros
30 20 10 0 Sales in billion of euros

Human: IKEA employs over 123,000 people worldwide; a decline of 5,000 personnel decline from 2008. In North America there are approximately 15,500 employees. IKEA is bouncing back from the recession and with that new job opportunities are posted everyday on their website. At present they are looking to hire 98 people for varying positions across North America. Human resource retention a strategy for the company to reduce costs and hiring within is encouraged. Experience: IKEA was established almost 70 years ago, and the original founder still participates in some activities. Experience is also derived for the Board of Directors. Relationship with Customers: IKEA truly takes care of their customers, and their customers are brand loyal. Some of the current strategies they have in place to satisfy customers are their services offered in store, like childcare, and also 90-day return policies, and customer service contact information. On the market research website SocialMention.com, IKEA has a 5:1 sentiment rating; this is the ratio of people on social medias that write about the brand in a positive way. Relationship with Suppliers: IKEA has developed a name for building very strong, long-term relationships with its suppliers. It currently works with over 1,400 supplies across the globe. IKEA tends to

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