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1. Abstract IKEA is a furniture company founded by a Swedish billionaire - Ingvar Kamprad, who is a successful leader and a living legend of IKEA. He made a great contribution to the innovation and successes of IKEA as well as keeping it grow strongly: Just in 10 years, sales of IKEA tripled from over $ 4 billion in 1993 to more than $ 12 billion in 2003. Starting a new career with IKEA by small business in the village Agunnaryd Elmtary - where Kamprad lived, but finally he turned to selling furniture. Since 1952, IKEA 's innovation has changed the furniture industry with the initiative "flat-pack method" for IKEA furniture products. 04 years later (1956), "the concept has almost completely codified" (Kamprad wrote). One of the great…show more content…
In 1943, when he was 17 years old, Ingvar Kamprad determined to start his own business by establishing a company. The name IKEA was born then. Over nearly 70-year history of formation and development, IKEA has become a giant multinational corporation. IKEA’s history of formation and development is also associated with many events and outstanding achievements. It was the initiative that to change the furniture industry in 1952 - the flat-pack method which lets customers freely choose, transport and assemble products on their own. The initiative helped IKEA save transportation costs, traveling costs; especially with this business model, IKEA could make a significant cut of manpower and costs to solve customers’ questions or needs for repairing or switching goods. In 1953, Kamprad first held a private exhibition of IKEA furniture with more than 1,000 people lined up early to see the exhibition on the first day of exhibition. In summary, the business talent of legendary Ingvar Kamprad and many events associated with the outstanding achievements in history has brought great success to IKEA. It can be said that history is the most prominent element of IKEA. 2.1.2. Resources: IKEA has a nearly 70 year history of formation and development, quite a long time for IKEA to experience and gradually evolve to become a strong group. At IKEA, the culture of cost and time saving has been associated with the style of each member, because they have built a sense of "cost as part of

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