Ikea Values Based Service Analysis Report

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IKEA Values-Based Service Analysis Report
Andrea Florenz
Operations Management: Solutions to Business Challenges
Dr. John Palmer
April 10, 2016

The intend of this paper is to assess IKEA’s strategy. The three sources of value (economic, social, and environmental) in IKEA’s value chain will analyzed. Along with an analysis of their strategy in regards to intangible products and customers. Create a set of 4–6 performance measures for evaluating your managers that integrates IKEA’s values (economic, social, and environmental) as discussed in the article written by Edvardsson.as if I were the vice president. For each performance measure, I will identify one specific process measure that demonstrates how well these values are being upheld in the manufacturing activities including suppliers of the company. A recommendation as to how you would develop the workforce to live these values in the workplace, with suggestions of types of hiring, training, and performance management criteria that you will apply to the workforce.

An Analysis of IKEA’s Values-Based Service
IKEA’s Marketing
Core values of IKEA are providing value based service to the customers. The brand equity of the company communicates about the value of the company to their customers. IKEA’s products are innovative, designed well and they are affordable by the majority of the people. IKEA care for the environment and they reduce the waste by implementing effective production…
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