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The Never Ending Job Sustainability Report 09 IKEA AT * A GLANCE * fINANCIAL yEAR 2009 (1 September 2008 to 31 August 2009) SALES PER REGION THE IKEA GROUP opened 15 new stores last year and in August 2009 had 267 stores, which welcomed a total of 590 million visitors during the year. A further 34 stores are owned and run by franchisees outside the IKEA Group. For an up-to-date list of all IKEA Group stores, please visit: www.ikea.com ■ Asia and Australia 5% ■ North America 15% ■ Europe 80% PURCHASING PER REGION ■ North America 3% ■ Asia 30% ■ Europe 67% IKEA GROUP STORES Russia 12 Europe North America TOP 5 SALES COUNTRIES Germany USA France UK Italy ... AND TOP 5 PURCHASING COUNTRIES China Poland…show more content…
And by offering the right products at the right prices we will help our customers live a more sustainable life at home. IKEA has an important role to play in terms of taking responsibility for people and the environment. This is why sustainability is one of four cornerstones in the new Group strategy “Growing IKEA – together”. We have a strong foundation to build on – it is in our culture to twist and turn established truths to find a new angle, a new idea, and to have the courage to try to do things differently. IKEA is obsessed with making more from less, and we hate to waste resources of any kind. This will continue to be our compass in years to come, and we will stimulate new thinking and innovation in our sustainability work. Innovation is needed to build sustainable solutions into the IKEA range and to tackle some of the global challenges society faces. We need to identify and use more resource efficient materials and develop better solutions for reusing and recycling IKEA products once our customers no longer want them. I believe IKEA together with our customers, co-workers, suppliers and the rest of society can make a big difference. The 50 million low-energy bulbs purchased at IKEA in the past three years represent energy savings equivalent to the output of four and a half nuclear plants, and substantial reductions of carbon dioxide emissions. This gives just a hint of the potential that lies in the word “together”!

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