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Ikea In china

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IKEA is recognized as one of the reputed brands of Sweden, operating in the segment of ready-to-assembled furniture’s, fittings, appliances, and many others designed accessories and equipments. Although it entered in this segment in the year 1943 in Sweden but very quickly it expanded its operations in the markets of China as well. It is mainly due to its modern architectural stylish designs and eco-friendly nature. This helped Ikea to improve its brand image and profitability by almost 50 percent as compared to previous years. This proved extremely effective for Ikea to enhance its customer bases and reliability in the market among many other rival players (Inter IKEA
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Apart from this, as customers are offered highest attention, so best sort of shopping experience is offered to them (Porter, 2008, pp. 123-134). A very nice and comfortable atmosphere is created within the stores of the Ikea in order to make the customers more dependable or reliable over the brand. Due to these reasons, the organization and the products of Ikea is offered high preference by the customers of China as compared to other competitors.

Conclusively, it might be stated that, the organization of Ikea positioned itself as one of the reputed brands among others by modifying its designs and styles. This proved extremely effective for the organization thereby amplifying its profitability and market share as compared to many other rival players of China. Moreover, the customer services offered by the organization of Ikea are also another reason for the improvement of its competitive position in the market of China.
In addition to this, the prime reason for the success of Ikea in China is the strategy of maintaining premium prices for its designed and trendy products, so as to attract a wide range of high-class customers. This proved extremely effective for the organization of Ikea in the market of China as compared to Europe. Along with this, promotion of the stylish and designed products helped the organization of Ikea to increase its demand and profitability as
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