Ikea 's Marketing Plan For Ikea

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Introduction IKEA is an internationally known home furnishing retailer that has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1943 and is renowned around the world for its Scandinavian style. The majority of IKEA 's furniture is flat-pack, ready to be assembled by the consumer that helps in the reduction of costs and packaging. Moreover; IKEA carries a range of 9,500 products, including home furniture and accessories. This wide range of option is available in all IKEA stores and customers can also order much of these items online through IKEA’s website (Frynas & Mellahi, 2011). Although IKEA stores is known for its furniture, the inclusion of restaurants, cafés and sandwich food also helps to add recognition to them. They are located across the world and meet the needs of their consumers through small food shops selling Swedish groceries and everything from the famous meatballs to jam. In August 2008 the IKEA group had 253 stores in 24 countries, with a further 32 stores owned and run by franchisees. It welcomed a total of 565 million visitors to the stores during the year and a further 450 million visits were attracted to their website. IKEA sales have reached 21.2 billion Euros in 2008 showing an increase of 7% while priding itself with Germany being its biggest sales countries follow by USA, France, UK and Sweden (Zadar, 2013). Low prices are one of the cornerstones of the IKEA concept which attrack their customers to but their products. This low price strategy is coupled with

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